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2009-09-20 01:43 pm
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MW Prompt 4: Daddy Issues

((ooc: locked bits are only visible to people who are in the know about all the Bat IDs.))

I just visited Bruce, you know. Just a few weeks ago. He was... exactly as he's always been. I mean, I respect him a lot, of course, and it's not like he's entirely without a heart, but he's Bruce. I don't know, I sort of thought things might be different this time. I'm actually his son, now, not just his former ward. Stupid of me, right? Bruce never changes. At least seeing Tim was fun.

But maybe I'm being unfair. Sure, Bruce was gruff and all business, and he missed dinner because he had to attend some flashy affair with some model whose name I didn't bother learning, but it wasn't all bad. We talked a little. Went on [locked]patrol[/strike] a walk together. Just like old times, minus the arguing about my friends and whether I was spending too much time out of Gotham.

Do I resent him for [locked]firing[/strike] kicking me out? I try not to. Sure, there are times when all the things Bruce has done come rushing back and it's all I can do not to hate him, but they're mostly the exception. I'm better off now. [locked]I was getting a little too old for shortpants anyways. And I've got my own city now. Working with Bruce is great, sure, but being on my own is better.[/locked] We fight less, which is good, and I think Tim's better at dealing with him than I ever was.

But last time, it wasn't exactly like old times. After we got back in, he turned to me and actually smiled. Then he told me I'd done a good job. That he'd been reading about Bludhaven in the papers and I was actually making a difference. He still doesn't like that I have a gun, of course, and it's not like that erases all our issues and everything but...

His approval still means so damn much to me. Why can't I just be okay with the rest of my friends and family thinking I'm good? Or what I do speaking for itself?

Daddy issues. I think it's fair to say I've got a few.

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